4 Tips to Consider When Choosing a Dedicated Server Hosting

If your e-business is booming, the large number of customers and increasing number of online transactions can be too much for shared server hosting. It may cause slower performance on your website, which can lead to customer dissatisfaction and cause losses. If you need a better Internet hosting, the time has come for you to switch to dedicated server hosting.

managed dedicated server is usually preferred

A dedicated server is one that is leased solely for the use of one user or business. It offers an unmatched hosting environment for critical applications and sophisticated websites. It offers a perfect environment for large businesses and e-commerce websites. When looking for dedicated server hosting, the following tips should help you select the best.

1. Choose Your Preferred Operating System

Look for an operating system that works best for you. Some operating systems are harder to use than others so make sure you choose one that fits your skills. For enhanced performers pick the fastest and most powerful processor you can afford. You may require multiple processors to cater for all your needs.

2. Find a Dependable Host

The company you choose for dedicated server hosting should have a round-the-clock customer support service so that they can help you solve any problems that arise as fast as possible. You can test their response time by emailing or calling them at random times. The host should have an adequate number of experts on hand to deal with any technical problems that occur.

3. Observe Costs

Find a web hosting service that offers affordable goods and services. Some of the costs associated with the server hosting services are:

• Setup fees
• Bandwidth charges
• Server costs
• Software licenses
• Security costs

However, do not waste your money by buying low-quality products because you want to save money. It is better to spend a sizeable amount once than to waste a lot more on replacement of goods later on.

4. The Type of Server You Want

A managed dedicated server is usually preferred because it allows the user to manage their business freely without worrying about managing the server since management is left to experts. It provides a strong, professionally maintained, reliable and secure web presence for your business. Unmanaged server hosting is considered costly because it requires one to have an IT team to manage the server.

Dedicated hosting has the following advantages over shared server hosting:

• Improved security
• Complete ownership of bandwidth and storage
• Cuts the cost of using your own internet connection, router and security system
• Complete control over your website and server usage
• Greater reliability and uptime because the processor and bandwidth are not shared

These tips will aid you in selecting the best web hosting service available for you. If you want to grow your e-business or commercial website, dedicated hosting is the way to go. It provides a strong and the unsurpassed hosting environment for your website and applications with increased security, reliability and flexibility.