5 Low-Budget Marketing Strategies to Follow in 2017 For Malaysian Small Businesses


Marketing is such a complicated process. Doing a marketing plan will require so much of your time and effort, and if you’re just starting up or having a limited budget for promotions, you can’t afford to get off on the wrong foot. Fortunately, there are convenient ways you can do to let people know about your products and services without ending up broke. Here are 5 effective and low-cost marketing techniques for small business owners in Malaysia:sms-blast-malaysia-2-1140x435

  1. Do a SMS blast in Malaysia- as of January 2016, around 96 percent of the entire adult population owns a mobile phone. Take advantage of these numbers by subscribing to bulk SMS providers. It’s typically a one-way system, but you could also let receivers respond to your SMS. When you are new to this kind of approach, get help from providers who offer free trial and free analytics. When you do a SMS blast in Malaysia, remember to have an opt-out option for your customers. You could draw in more customers by giving discounts to your subscribers.social-media-sites
  2. Join major social media sites – brands these days, big or not, take this as the rule of thumb: engage potential customers and existing ones on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. If you can, get an account on Pinterest. It’s considered as the second major social media site that drives traffic. Take images of your products or create pin-worthy infographics related to your services. Or you can also create interesting videos related to your business and share it on YouTube. Contrary to popular belief, producing a share-worthy video doesn’t have to cost a lot. Most mobile phones nowadays come equipped with a good resolution camera.b407a3635487fe518800af9bdec40967
  3. Give free stuff – who does not like freebies? Giving out free items is one way to pamper your existing market. Remember the importance of “word of mouth.” You can even be creative by hosting contests before giving awesome prizes.4
  4. Blog- having a simple-designed website will do, but if you want to take your promotions to the next level without breaking the bank, hire established bloggers who could write about your business. For example, a mom blogger could write a review about your household-related products. You will never go wrong with content marketing because bloggers these days are considered as the biggest digital influencers. When done right, you could convince those bloggers’ followers and convert them to customers.HOSTANEVENT_MainHeaderBanner_nobutton
  5. Host an event- when you throw a business event, determine what type of event works best for your target market. Create a mailing list so you have an idea in planning for your next business event. You could also do something that gives back to the community like hosting a charity event. Other than charitable ones, workshops and interactive activities are the types of events that attract people. To help you alleviate the costs, you can consider charging a small entrance fee.

Have you applied these low-cost techniques for your small business? These will work when you do them right. Just take note to always have an objective when doing these strategies, and don’t forget to pour in hard work and determination.