6-Point Checklist for Engaging Web Hosting Service


These days, website has been so indispensable in our life, don’t you think? Whether you are running a small business or large enterprise, having a website is very fundamental to your business branding. Besides, to those who are running online businesses, they truly can’t even afford several minutes of downtime— the idling period when visitors can’t access to the website.

For this, you’ve got to cherry-pick a credible web hosting service for your business. So, the key is, how are you going to determine which web hosting company you should go for?

Fret not, here we come to the meat of our discussion. Make sure you have consolidated this checklist before you engage any web hosting service.


#1. Credibility

Always look for established hosting service with solid track record. It can be the one which has served for clients of various industries. Chances are, this kind of web hosting company will be more experienced in handling most commonly encountered situation— and get yourself unstuck by any possible problems. Most important of all, it should offer you 24/7 technical support should anything goes wrong.


#2. Consistency in Access

Apart from reliability and speed, you also need a server that provides very stable network connections. So, go for the web hosting company that promises an uptime guarantee of 99 percent or more. Don’t consider anything below 99%.


#3. Backup, Backup, Backup

Also, alert yourself to confirm that your website hosting service is going to do backup for your website. This deters any disastrous outcome from happening as a result of accidental mess-up. Good hosting service provider should be able to do daily automatic backup.


#4. Best for Value

Be discerning to the add-ons you have been charged for, even though you get a seemingly fantastic quote. Make it a habit to make comparison between different service providers, in terms of price and features offered. Don’t fall for the cheap quote you may get without having thorough understanding; otherwise, you may pay far more for what you need in the future!


#5. Seamless Control

Your every minute is so precious that you can’t afford to waste your time on confusing web admin interface. Forget those service providers that give you nothing but headache in administrating your website. Instead, look for the one providing integrated, user-friendly control panel that can streamline your web administration process.


#6. Other Important Terms

When it comes to web hosting, the overwhelming list of terms might seem daunting. Don’t let any of them scare you off. Just check to make sure the following terms are included in the package:

PHP & Perl: Most commonly used programming languages for executing complicated operations and sending result to visitor’s web browser

.htaccess: Needed for customizing non-existent or error page on the your website

MySQL: Needed for running blog or content management system

SSL: Needed for online business or e-commerce


Getting clearer about which web hosting service provider you can go for? If you urgently need the relevant service, you may give the established web hosting companies such as Exabytes and theGigabit a try.

Hope these tips help!