Be the Ultimate Chieftain in WoW With These 5 Rookie Tips

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World of Warcraft is one of the oldest yet still most popularly played MMORPGs today. Unchallenged when it comes to the number of characters created in-game, which by the way is at 500 million to date, and the number of active players around the globe, which is at 100 million or more than Germany’s population, saying WoW is a huge game is an absolute understatement. For newbies, it’s important to get into the fantasy world with at least some basic knowledge of how it works and the proper etiquette observed when interacting with fellow gamers otherwise you might end up on everyone’s IGNORE list.
Install Some Add-Ons 

Add-ons are an obvious must-have for maximum gameplay enjoyment. Sadly, not many people in the community give it the proper merit. Basically, add-ons enable you to customize the World of Warcraft game, adjust the user interface, and simplify basic tasks, especially those that are repetitive in nature. On the same note, try to limit your use of add-ons. Don’t let it get to the point where your skills and enjoyment are plateaued by add-ons.
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Go Into it With a Friend 

It could be anyone you wish to journey with in this fantasy world. The important thing is to grab a partner who is as enthused and passionate about the game as you are. Having a reliable in-game party or guild mate makes the game much more enjoyable. You get to hunt and vanquish mobs and bosses together, laugh at silly character movements, and maybe hold hands while watching the sunrise. Well maybe not the latter, but there are definitely great moments in-game that are worth creating and remembering.
Be Frugal 

Unless you’ve got tons of prepaid WoW cards under your bedroom stash, you’ve got to be frugal. Don’t go enchanting items that you will soon sell or throw away. If you are levelling a new character to the max, it can be alluring to spend every dime on blue and green drops used for equipment. This is bad financing and can keep your characters poor for the rest of the game. Instead, use basic equipment and some solid kiting skills to level up without needing to spam on healing pots.
Observe Proper Etiquette 

No one’s boundaries and avoid using shady tactics to get your way. Don’t beg for easy money and pester other characters for tradable items. Earn it by completing quests and grinding dungeons. Another example of proper etiquette is to take no for an answer. If someone declines your invitation to party up or join their guild, just leave it at that. Don’t spam them with more invitations or throw insults at public chat.

Enjoying World of Warcraft doesn’t necessarily mean you need to be the most skilled or the most provisioned character in the game. You really only need the right people beside you to run challenging quests and hunt difficult bosses. In addition, being a classy player helps build a positive reputation for your character and makes it easier to progress both in levelling and farming.