Benefits of a Colocation

Server colocations provide a great service for individuals and for smaller companies, who do not have the high powered servers that large corporations typically utilize. If you have not heard of a colocation before, it is essentially a means of combining a bunch of smaller servers, which share the bandwidth, creating a larger server for everyone involved. This typically involves placing a server in a combined rack, giving each individual or small company that is part of the colocation a ton of benefits.

The reason why this is so advantageous is the fact that smaller businesses can’t function on a typical web hosting server for the most part, but they do not have the funds to operate a large server. Large corporations tend to have large information technology departments that run their own servers, but this would not be practical for a smaller company. A colocation is ideal for these smaller businesses, based on the fact that they can obtain higher bandwidth and more online tools, without having to pay the high costs that would come with running a large personal server.

While the costs to be a part of a particular colocation are going to be more expensive than obtaining regular web hosting services, the costs are dramatically less than a private server. Another big reason that small companies prefer to work with a colocation is the fact that there is a lot more protection in terms of outages. Outages occur when a web hosting service, or a server, gets knocked off the internet for any reason. Not only is the server pulled down, but every single website that they power gets pulled offline and in each individual instance, there is no determinable time table to figure out when the server is going to come back online. The fact that just about every business that has a website is either selling their products or monetizing their pages in one way or another, outages are a major problem, as they completely shut down revenue streams.

The fact that colocations provide a much higher level of security, with less of a chance for an outage, makes these types of arrangements very ideal for smaller companies and individuals who are running their own personal businesses. There are a ton of other advantages, including not having to worry about shutting down a server if the company decides to move locations, but that really is just the tip of the iceberg. There is no question that colocations provide a massive service to people who are not operating large companies and corporations, so if you do own a business and are trying to add protection and security, while minimizing risk and lowering costs, consider a colocation. If you want to find a colocation in your area, you can easily locate some by searching online. For example, if you are searching for a server colocation in Malaysia, you would search in your particular city in Malaysia, which should give you some options to check out.