Guide to Path of Exile for Beginning Players


The game Path of Exile or POE is an online role playing action game that is set in the fantasy world of Wraeclast. The game is free to play with in-game perks available in the online game store. These perks will not impact the gameplay since they’re cosmetic like skins and animations or stash tabs for storing loot.

Instead of gold or cash currency in POE, there are orbs and scrolls that can be used for purchasing gear and gems from other players. There’s no traditional auction house so players will have to trade orbs for gear that they want.

maxresdefault (4)Character Choices
At the beginning of the game, players will be able to choose from a few different characters like the ranger, marauder, witch, duelist, templar and shadow. Each class has a combination of three stats, which are intelligence, strength and dexterity. The class will start with a certain combination of those stats depending on their beginning traits. For example, the witch will start with more intelligence while the marauder will start with more strength. Another character, which is the scion, is available after she is rescued in the game. Beginning players to POE will not have access to her.

The characters themselves do not have any abilities for killing mobs. Instead, the skills are gained through gems. They’re found as loot on the ground as well as given by quest-giving NPCs after the completion of certain quests. Red gems are used by strength based characters or melee characters. Green gems are used for ranged or evasive characters and blue gems are magic based or intelligence based to cast spells. While a character may start out with more intelligence, strength or dexterity over other choices, the style of combat is based on the player’s desires during the game.

PathOfExile Passive Skill TreePassive Skills
The passive skill tree allows players to customize their character based on the types of gems he or she wants to use, or the type of play like melee or ranged they’d like. With every level in the game, the character is rewarded with passive skill points that are allocated on the tree. Each character starts in a certain location on the tree and grants new attacks, resistances or buffs to the character. Players might want to choose a character based on where it would start on the passive skill tree.

poe-libraryActs I, II, III and IV
The journey through POE begins in Act I where your character has been dumped onto the island of Wraeclast. They start learning to fight immediately when their first weapon drops. You have to make it from the shores of Wraeclast into the first location where you’ll gather quests and hear the story of how others have survived. The game progresses through four acts in the normal level before starting over in Act I in cruel mode. The player will progress through the four acts again with harder enemies and better loot. After completing the cruel difficulty, the player will enter merciless.

POE is a free-to-play RPG with plenty of challenges and a unique passive skill system that lets players customize their characters in infinite numbers of ways.