Important Tips to Make Your Dedicated Server As Secure As Possible

The most efficient and effective types of servers use a dedicated setup. A dedicated system in a data centre is still vulnerable to outside attacks and internal problems. You need to be proactive about server security in order to prevent a breach or data loss. Several important tips will help to make your dedicated server as secure as possible.

Install Patches and Updates Immediately

The first tip is to install patches and updates immediately. This can be a problem if you have customised some parts of the operating system or server although it is necessary. Those patches and updates will close critical security gaps so that hackers can no longer exploit them. No patch or update is too small. Keep everything updated from the operating system and server software to individual packages and applications.

Block Risky Functions and Processes

There are ways to block risky functions and processes under every popular operating system used on servers today. You want to identify functions and processes that could pose a threat to your server that you do not use regularly. Adding these items to the blocked or disabled list within the server settings will stop them from activating. This can quickly thwart an attack or malicious code.

Perform Backups Frequently

Problems can occur at any time. Updates could cause conflicts that stop the server from functioning normally. An attack could corrupt data or applications. You want to perform backups regularly. Some hosting providers offer automatic backups for your dedicated server. Daily backups are the best. You might want to consider backing up the drive as a disk image so that it can be reinstalled in the current state quickly.

Monitor Your Resource Usage Every Day

You need to monitor your server resource usage every day. You specifically want to look at disk usage and memory usage. If the disk is becoming full or little memory is left, then your key applications could start to encounter errors or stop working. This opens up your server to attack or exploitation. Watch your resource usage and upgrade the server or make changes to applications as necessary.

Strip out Unused Packages or Services

Anything that exists on your server that is not being used is a potential security risk. This is especially true with running services and installed packages. You need to go through the server and strip out unused packages and services. Remove them from the server completely. This will reduce the risk of an attack using functions on the server that you did not realise were there.
Consider Using Multiple Partitions

One of the best parts of using a dedicated server is that you are free to do whatever you like with the system. Consider using multiple partitions for data or even applications. Segmenting the drive into partitions will make it much more difficult for errors or attacks to spread and harm everything on the server.

The safety of your server is critical for your business. A single security breach could affect your brand, customer trust and your revenue. You need to use these tips to streamline your server so that there are as few potential security risks as possible.