Top Tips for Optimising the Performance of Your Virtual Private Server


A virtual private server, or VPS, provides you with a powerful option for hosting websites in Malaysia. It is flexible like a dedicated server but has lower operating costs. It is also much more secure than a shared server setup. You want the server to run without problems and at the maximum speed possible to enhance the experience of visitors. Several tips will help you to optimise your VPS.

Review the Server Settings

The very first tip is to review the server settings as soon as you establish your VPS account in Malaysia. You want to look for specific settings like the maximum number of child processes, how long to keep connections alive and the maximum number of requests that will be accepted from a process. You want to tune these in accordance with the goals and needs of your website. Modifying just a few basic settings can make a world of difference when it comes to the performance of your virtual server.

Cache Your Key Content in RAM

A second tip is to look into caching your key content in random access memory, or RAM. This ensures that the content loaded most often is easily accessible in RAM instead of having to be constantly read from a physical drive. The benefit is that the hardware performance will increase and visitors to your server will see better speeds. This type of caching is supported by default by some server suites in Malaysia. It can also be done through third-party pieces of server software. Caching your key content is very useful if you are experiencing slow load times or other performance issues.

Disable Unnecessary Processes and Functions

You want to examine exactly what processes and functions are running on your server when it is active. Go through everything and research each process. Many servers automatically run different processes such as mail handling clients by default. There is a chance that a large number of the background processes are not going to be needed by your site or the underlying server software. Disable any processes and functions that you do not need. This has the added advantage of improving your server security.

Keep Your Database Software Updated

Running a quality Virtual Private Server (VPS) in Malaysia usually means that you are going to have to use database management software at some point. The software allows you to locate and access specific pieces of information fast from a large collection of data. The reality is that older database management applications are much less efficient than the newest programs. You want to keep your database software updated at all times. Upgrade whenever new versions or patches come out. This will keep your VPS running optimally no matter how much information you have stored in the database.

You have a large amount of flexibility when operating a VPS. You do not want to let all of your customisation options go to waste. Take advantage of all the tools and settings that you can. Taking the time to optimise your VPS is going to make a large difference as your website grows over time.